Wastewater Services

Western Water provides a range of services related to wastewater disposal to ground. From wastewater feasibility investigations in support of site planning for subdivision applications to on-site septic design, WWAL Hydrogeologists and Engineers are experienced in systems permitted through your local health authority. Where larger systems are concerned requiring registration under the Municipal Wastewater Regulation, Western Water regularly works with civil engineering clients to support design of infiltration facilities and complete Environmental Impact Studies. We have extensive experience with rapid infiltration basins, having completed many projects for municipal clients on disposal facilities with large design flows.
Stormwater Management System Perforated Concrete Pipe

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Stormwater Management

Effectively managing stormwater runoff is a key tenet of responsible development. When applied correctly, stormwater management incorporating infiltration is sustainable, results in better water quality and more closely mimics pre-development run-off. Western Water provides expertise to the land development and municipal sectors in evaluating the potential for managing stormwater via infiltration to the ground through a variety of techniques. The suitability of stormwater infiltration depends on geological conditions specific to the site, and WWAL has experience determining and implementing the appropriate investigations to determine how to best manage stormwater on your site.

Environmental Impact Studies (EIS) *

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Septic Feasibility Assements *

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On-Site Septic Design/Permitting *

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